TANTRUMS – Responding to your child’s, Outgrowing your own

Parental tantrum

Parenting and yelling always seem to go together. Even when we are not yelling outwardly, in our hearts is a long angry or anguished or frustrated scream.

How do we parent effectively without shouting ourselves into a frenzy? How do we outgrow parental tantrums and teach our children to outgrow theirs?

Productive Parenting – Responding to your child’s tantrums, Outgrowing your own




  1. This article has definitely made dealing with tantrums (from parent and child) simple and much easier for me to grasp. I have been struggling for long. At some point i thought maybe its just a theory that is not at all feasible in reality. I definitely will start practicing again with a different approach. Thank you so much sister Salatu. God bless you.


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